Classical & Traditional Acupuncture

The practice of acupuncture has been used for thousands of years and has within it the understanding of how the body is both physically animated and emotionally motivated. To this day acupuncture is used within the mainstream hospitals of China providing solutions from the most superficial skin conditions to the deepest levels of psycho-emotional imbalance.  Access to this ancient system lies not only within the main primary meridian channels of the body through the understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but also more extensively through the knowledge of the deeper complementary meridian systems which are held within the classic texts and transmitted within the Daoist oral linages of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM).  As a whole they form a more complete picture of the mechanism and pathway of disease itself.

I am honoured to be practicing one of these ancient oral Daoist linages, as generously taught by Dr. Jeffery Yuen (88th generation of the Jade Purity Daoist Tradition)

Acupuncture treatments are greatly enhanced by the simple but profound vibrational quality of the Tibetan bowls.  Treatments may also be supported by these powerful vibrational instruments.



As remarkable as acupuncture is and has been throughout the ages, the underlying principles have remained quite simple and are now starting to be mirrored within some of our modern medical approaches - the principle of health through balance.

It is however the way that acupuncture is able to practically facilitated this balance within the physical human body that makes it so unique.

Originally coming from an engineering background, as a practitioner I draw on both the practical and intuitive sides within this deep healing art.

I am honoured to be practicing one of the ancient oral Daoist linages of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), as generously taught by Dr. Jeffery Yuen (88th generation of the Jade Purity Daoist Tradition).


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